Stuff 2.0

A Dallas based custom fabrication business turning the old into new and making new extraordinary. The only limit is our imagination.

CNC Signs - Hand painted signs cut on the CNC router can contain text, logos and reliefs of almost any variety. The outer shape can be just about anything as well.

Furniture - Rustic night stand made from reclaimed lumber.

Props - Red Hot Cheetos Lightsabers. Converted from store purchased item into something whimsical.

Electronics - Combined wood working with integrating arcade controls & Raspberry Pi to create 'barcade' system.

CNC Art - Use pens & sharpies to draw unique art on canvas.

Printed Props - Printed oversized Goldfish character backed with foam board. Great for gags, parties, events.

Laser Etch & Cut - Hand painted fridge magnet "Save The Date" wedding item.

CNC Signs - Wedding dance floor sign. Stained with color filled lettering.

Signs mixed - Using reel (pun intended) objects, laser and CNC made objects to create a home theater sign. Sign has depth as elements are layered to give it dimension.

Experimental - Mad scientist uses re-purposed microwave transformer to create 'Lichtenburg' (lightning) pattern burns for a unique wood texture effect.

Painted Character Signs - Hand painted wood or foam based signs for kids rooms, parties, events

Construction - Built custom 40x20 greenhouse to house our aquaponics system and standard gardening to produce our own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Hoops were hand bent using jig and utilized standard 10 foot fence components.